HeatLink Systems

HeatLink Systems are designed for superior results, using only the highest quality components to help ensure long-term reliability for all of your installations.

HeatLink F1960 Water Expansion System: The HeatLink®Potable Water Expansion System uses PEX-a tubing, F1960 fittings, and PEX-a expansion rings to form a water tight seal. View PDF for more information.

HeatLink Potable Water Press System: The HeatLink® Potable Water System uses PEX-a tubing, High Performance Polymer (HPP) fittings and multiport tees, No Lead Brass fittings, and a choice of stainless steel press sleeve or PEX-a expansion ring connection technology. View PDF for more information.

Contact your SPS sales representative or an SPS location hear you to find out more about the HeatLink products we carry.